2023 Value of an Adviser – Russell Investments


In a complex world that keeps posing challenges to investors, advisers continue to add value that enables their clients to attain their long-term financial goals.

The spectre of a global recession and rising inflation have created an environment of extreme caution in 2023, just three years after a global pandemic swept through markets to test investorsā€™ fortitude.

In this environment, Australians have relied on their advisers heavily to navigate both the practical and emotional aspects of investing. It is a relationship that proved fruitful not just in periods when markets fell, but also when assets rose to buoy portfolio gains. Of course, financial advice encompasses much more than investing. It requires in-depth knowledge of taxation and social security, plus the understanding of human behaviour thatā€™s necessary to support people making life decisions.

Advisers proved more than up to the task over the past year. Russell Investments’ annual analysis shows the value of an adviser in Australia is approximately 5.9% in 2023.

This is substantially higher than the typical adviser fee paid by clients and a validation of the holistic service that advisers provide to clients. It is a function of their ability to help clients adapt as markets, regulations, and their own circumstances change.




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